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Summer Contest - RESULTS!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 3, 2016, 2:32 PM

So finally my Summer Contest came to end. And to be honest, I had a huge headache with choosing the winners :D All participants made wonderful entries and I love all of them! :la:

But yeah, prizes can't wait any longer, so I had to choose the winners.

So... 1ST PLACE and prizes - 100 :points: and full-colored headshot drawing with the background - goes to...

EX-AEQUO to DorteTorte and Kitka! :D Congratulations!

Okay, at first. I must say, that I had a huge problem with choosing the main winner. I couldn't decide which one of these two pictures deserved more for the 1st place. And I thought that too bad I can't give ex-aequo 1st place... Wait a minute... It's my contest! Of course I can do that! XD"

So why first place for these two pictures? Give me a second owo

.:CE:: - Flying with the Seagulls by DorteTorte by :icondortetorte: DorteTorte - 1st PLACE (ex-aequo)

Just look at this wonderful picture owo It could be a cover of the epic story. I really love how Dorcia looks here and how much fun she has on the gliding! :la: Seaguls look wonderful too OWO And this sunset, this sea/water effect. These whole shading effects! Aaahh... I really dunno what to say more. Maybe funny easter egg with Zenon :XD: (I guess only me and Dorte know what am I talking about ^^" ). Oh, I can't forget about the sky. I really like these colors. I mean, you made a great harmony between sky, the sun and sea. I love this perspective shot!  Looks like someone took a photo from the helicopter. Who could do that? XD  Anyway, it's the epic picture and surely deserves for first place :D

watur taxi by Kitka by :iconkitka: Kitka - 1st PLACE (ex-aequo)

It's an another masterpiece :D I love the idea for this picture. Relaxed Dorcia looks very relaxed XD These sunglasses! OWO And Robert pose is very cool. But that's not enough! Look at their expressions, so brilliant! And of course, these whole, water/underwater effects. I'm sure it took a lot of time! Look at these bubbles! And on these sand hills! :la: And I really love it :D And I can't stop looking at these clouds on sky QWQ They look really cute! And I can't forget about sunrises effects! They are visible even in water! So cool! :D You used so many effects for just one contest entry! ^^ It's a really great summer drawing and also deserves for the first place in my contest! ^^


Okay, first place holders are known, but other prizes wait yet. :D

After a decision of giving 1st place ex-aequo for two entries, unfortunately I opened a new dillema - who deserves for second place?! I still have three wonderful entries and each of them has a very strong points to choose this one! Finally I choosed the main criterion and then... I decided and I will write why I choosed this entry.

So... 2ND PLACE and the prize - 75 :points: - goes to... Mystic-Mix!

Fun at the beach by Mystic-Mix by :iconmystic-mix: Mystic-Mix - 2nd PLACE

I have reasons to choose Mystic's entry for second place, but I guess one of them decided about it. After checking her gallery, I can say that Mystic used the highest level of her own artistic skills to make this entry. I can't underestimate this fact! At first, I remember your computer problems from these days, that's why you decided to make traditional entry. The only traditional entry in this contest. And you made it this entry very very very well OWO I really like these detailed background! The sea looks very great, I like this waves effect owo And you draw three anthro/gem characters. You drew Adamite! It was really surprised! :D But he came out so cute! And I love Zen's pose :D You did a great job! :la:


And because I got more epic entries than the numer of my prizes, I decided to make also honorable mentions :D

So... Honorable Mentions and the prize - 50 :points: - goes to... JB-Pawstep and Redstar1212!

Sommer Contest by JB-Pawstep by :iconjb-pawstep: JB-Pawstep - Honorable Mention

It's a really clear and nice entry :D I love how Richie came out here. His coolness is so huge here! And you gave him a lemonade and the sunbed owo You made this picture in very non-typical way of your style - lineless style - and I must to say that it came out very very good :D You really should do these type of drawings more often, absolutely. I also must say about the background. Looks empty and detailed at the same time, how did you do that? :D I mean, I love these all details, like the sand-castle and the beach ball and umbrellas. But we have also a huge cloudless sky. It's a very clever move, I like it owo These entry really deserves for a prize! Ah, and thanks for sunglasses for Richie :D

Coming to an end by Redstar1212 by :iconredstar1212: Redstar1212 - Honorable Mention

Look how peaceful and relaxing this entry look! QWQ Three characters on one picture is really a lot and it needs more attention and patience in making phase. And I want to say, that you drew these trio very cute ;w; I love how Richie enjoys this firefly on his nose :D And Jan's expression looks very adorable. And this relaxed Zen! OWO Aahh... It looks so great! You even gave them a radio with nice music, I guess ^^ I also like the background. You had an interesting idea, because this background looks simply, but also very well! I mean, I feel this deep, that this horizontal line is far far away! And the sea looks nice! It's a great entry, also deserves for mention and prize! :D


Okay, so that's all :D Thank you for all participants and for all winners! With the moment of submitting this journall, you all received your points :D Ah, and I also please DorteTorte and Kitka to tell me, which character I must to draw for their headshots prizes :D

I guess I will open the third contest in this year yet, so be prepared :D


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